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Re: jazz

Originally posted by vsl666

weve had a tiny conflab over here in london and are becoming of the mind that we prefer the experience for a few reasons..
...its a combination thing ... is the english american mix..
its mich ... its the youth.. it was the drugs...its not so MUSO
its little wing...its not hinting at becomming a jazzer *ducks*

Jazzer? Me? I started a band a few years ago specifically so we couple play Deep Purple's "Highway Star" and Humble Pie's "Four Day Creep" (then filled out the night with other riff rock songs from bands like Cactus, Blue Oyster Cult, Free, etc., and another time started another band specifically to play songs by the Meters and the Neville Brothers. It ended up as a 12 piece band with horns, drums and percussion, two keyboard players, a guitarist or two, and me. And the band never rehearsed, never used charts, and never did the two consecutive gigs with the same personnel. (I guess that one was a few years ahead of it's time - we were a jam band before the latest craze hit for jam bands...)