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easy trick:

put reverb on send followed by compressor... enable sidechain and use the sound you are sending to the reverb as the trigger

the reverb will be ducked by the actual sound itself and wont be washed out
But I dunno about that whole angle...I think a strong argument could be made for the opposite, having a keyed expander on the reverb, giving you ambience tied to the sound tightly, and reducing the background wash.

It depends on what you are trying to do with a reverb, but I think this idea of having the initial transient dryer and the tail wetter may not be what the OP is intending. Do you just want wash as a sort of bed or pad? Or are you trying to make the sounds larger and wider without a wash?

Ducking like that is more typical with delay, where the strong taps can get confusing. You could have a ducked reverb come back as like a heaving diffuse delay effect I guess.