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Originally Posted by nigel saunders View Post
As the previous poster said - the thicker the better!

There is a good video on youtube about building traps - certainly worked for me
Why didn't I think of youtube, i visit it enough! lol. Thanks.

Hmmm, interesting reading a few other threads would suggest that perhaps for mineral wool, a higher density is required to match 703.

Rockwool for bass traps?

Scott states that:

To match these attributes in rockwool requires a higher density because of the nature of the material. Generally you could expect similar acoustic performance with a panel about 50% denser in grade [this would approximately match the gas flow properties of 703] which works out to about 5 lbs. per cubic foot or about 60 kg/m3. But even at this density rockwool has inferior handling properties to 703 and yields a heavier panel [no biggy for a hang forget application, but if portability matters this is a flaw].
So would I be better off getting the 80kg/m3 rock wool mineral fibre as an equivalent to the 703 45kg/m3 fibreglass?