thread: FAVORITE EQs
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Old 6th May 2003
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Bruce (or anyone)

Im ashamed to say I havn't used the Massive Passive under the gun in the studio Manley makes such great "no compromise" tube stuff, always putting a new spin on a design.

Does the Massive do the Pultec thing on the high freqs - like when you tweak up the highs on an electric guitar and it just doesnt ever seem to get brittle?? I love that stuff!

ALSO - Bruce, that was a great term you used "Overshooting the Q"... I know exactly what you mean! Thats the sh*t I wanna hear.


P.S. I already know I have to give EveAnna Manley's dealers my VISA card for one of their tube mics (my buddy Wade from Chandler says I MUST, I MUST!) ... should I start whining for the Massive also?