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UK equivalents to 703 and 705 and density Q

I often hear 703 and 705 mentioned on this board but, as these aren't standard types in the UK, what exactly IS the exact equivalent to these?.

I found this site which seems to sell a varied choice of options:

Dense Fibre Matting Acoustic Slab - The Sound Solution, York, UK

Comes in different thicknesses and densities of rock mineral wool slabs all the way up to 140KG/m3!.

But I think I remember reading somewhere that if the density is too high and you're having something 3-4 inches thick, that it can start to reflect the sound as well as absorb, rather than just absorb :/

So lets say I was buying some material from this place for a bass trap to deal with the lowest frequencies (everything under 100hz), what out of those options would be the most ideal thickness and density to absorb without reflecting?.

Something like 100mm 80kg/m3 or 75mm 100kg/m3 ??