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Btw. would you be able to record the signal dry, while sending the processed signals to the PA? (I think the MIO has it´s on recorder, hasn´t it?) And what about doing a live-recording of a concert (no FOH-Mixing) with the MIO-System. Would you be able to do a mix while recording it, so that your able to print the live-recording to give to sell it right after the concert to the audience or do you have to bounce the mix in realtime first, like in pro tools?
Yes, you could set up several different routings so the FOH, foldback and recording have different levels and processing. THe MIO records in split stereo, so you'd need a product like de-interleaver to make a single file for burning. We do a scaled down version of this for band rehearsals - use the MIO as a 'board' and record rehearsals so everyone has a copy at the end of the practice.