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That sounds nice! Thanks for your commend.
But with preamp-gain problem it means, that if i´m using the controller for changing the gain itll cause some digital artifacts while chaging? That´s bad, i hoped this could be an extremly nice all-in-one solution where you don´t have to take any extra preamps with you. But even if you have to type the new volumen, i think it´ll be worth of testing this setup on some live gigs.
Btw. would you be able to record the signal dry, while sending the processed signals to the PA? (I think the MIO has it´s on recorder, hasn´t it?) And what about doing a live-recording of a concert (no FOH-Mixing) with the MIO-System. Would you be able to do a mix while recording it, so that your able to print the live-recording to give to sell it right after the concert to the audience or do you have to bounce the mix in realtime first, like in pro tools?