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hi fakekid

that video linked to was a record I was producing.

I thought i might have come up with a unique idea at the time, but i guess not any more!

it produces a very dark, long sound. its not good on fast songs with lots of beats, but it works great on slower songs where you want some length on the kick.

where you put the cab matters a LOT.

id say try it. you might like it, you might hate it. its certainly not useable most of the time, but you might find one song that it might work on.

for the record, i was running mine through an api pre (i think) and then an LA2A where it was compressed pretty hard.


thanks for the reply!

I did some testing here, with pictures.

Download from - send big files the easy way (excuse my poor drumming, didn't have long to do it.)

I just ran it into our Audient 8024, I thought it was useful for an effect or maybe parallel under the kit, unfortunately I didn't get enough time to get the full kit mic'd up to be able to hear what it could be doing. Are you running yours stereo?

I'm sorry if I have spoilt anything for you