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Old 15th November 2009
no, not avant garde. experimental. it's very much tonal music, and very groove oriented. they take a jazz perspective on other genres, like punk rock, but do it without sounding forced or too "jazz trying to be cool." The record will be continuous, as they improvise transitions between songs - so the key will change.

Jules, good idea. Seems so obvious now that you've said it.

Also, good point about getting too much piano sound. My feeling is that it will hide in the mix if it does leak into the other mics. I think the drum bleed is going to be a bigger challenge

Instruments are: drums, trumpet, cello, upright bass, and vocals. the configuration is going to be a little goofy I think, as it will involve the cello going through a pa, the upright going through a bass amp. So live sound meets studio work.....

anywhose, thanks for the advice.