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I recall a recent thread that was vehimently divided betwen those who like the 2-610 and those who hate it. The buzzword of the " not liking it" crowd was "wooley." Although these were people with a great deal of experience and talent, I did not share their dislike of the 2-610. I've used some decent pre's....Neve. Telefunken, Millennia, name it. I really like the 2-610. I have replaced the tubes with NOS Teles. I really think this thing sounds great as long as you don't slam the front end. I sometimes need to put a inline pad.

I know another engineer that sometimes uses a Folcrom for summing. He owns almost every pre made....And I mean that. Tele's, Helios, Quad Eight, API, Neve...honestly almost and endless list. After hours of testing....both he and the producer both picked the 2-610 as their clear favorite as the makeup gain for the Folcrom.
Also, the 2108 is frickin' amazing. I wish they still made it. I don't know why they don't seem to be able to make a go of a solid state pre. They've discontinued all of them except for the 710.

Kirt Shearer

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