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Old 15th November 2009
2626 i/o extension..

I beleive there is a basic answer for my question - but I just cant find it..

I am looking to upgrade from a cheap 2i/o interface to the Profire 2626 soon. I have looked into it and other interfaces in the pricerange etc, and im pretty happy with this so far..

..So my question - It says its i/o's are able to be expanded to 26 i/o .. I dont understand really how this is done.. I have spent a while loking into it, and the only thing I can find about how it is done is with 'adat'? I dont know what that is to be honest, I have searched for it, but cant find an answer..

If anyone is able to give me a quick explination on adat - or how the 2626 can be expanded - or even just a link to somewhere i can look into it.. I would be very thankful

thanks in advance