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Which Main Monitors for my new Room

Hi Anybody!
I´m building a Studio and my Room looks like the attached Picture.
I´m searching for a Monitor System and how you can see the room is
30 qm and 3,5m high and the Monitores are build in the wall an should
be positioned horizontly.

My actual Monitor is the ADAM S3A with a Subwoofer.
So do you think it´s Big enough? if yes, how would you put it in the wall? h or v?
if not, what would you buy with a 10000 USD Budget?

I thought about the ADAM S5VA MK II, the Klein+Hummel O 410, and the KS Digital ADM10(maybe to big?)

Thanks for your Help!
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Which Main Monitors for my new Room-bildschirmfoto-2009-11-15-um-04.33.38.jpg