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Old 15th November 2009
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New Guy Intro... Hello from SW Denver!

Humble Greetings from a new dude on here from the Mile High City.

After registering, I searched for an appropriate place for an 'intro' posting, and here's where I landed (blindly so!) ...sorry if I missed btw; but since I'm doing the generic 'HELLO' ...figured to roll with it here.

I'm definately pleased to have at last come across GEARSLUTZ, being turned on to the Forums here coincidentally through a longtime association with some out-of-state pro-audio retail folks I've dealt with since 1990 or so. Can't believe I'm just now coming aware with such an obviously great 'cyberhood'!

Well, that's it for my little debut here, being brief in case the 'little debut' is mis-posted...
Lots of greatly anticipated reading to catch up on, so for now........

.............*CHEERS*!!! See ya 'round!