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Old 15th November 2009
Lives for gear
The short answer is that you might get better conversion for 2 channels at that price but not for 8. It's a great investment at $400. If you want better, you'd have to go for the Multiface II or the Firefaces, with the corresponding price difference.

However, I bought a used RME ADI-Pro (max 48 kHz SR) in the last year which was really expensive 8 years ago and has better specs. I didn't expect there to be a great difference but when I A/Bed it against my Multiface I, I was honestly surprised to find a distinctly audible difference in favor of the ADI. There is clearly more clarity, detail and "air" in the ADI.

I imagine the difference between my ADI and say a high-end Lavry or Prism to be equally a step up. Hope to get there...