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Yup that's pretty much what i thought it would be. It def could be used as an effect. There's some real punchy low-mids in there. Might sound cool with a phaser/flanger sort of thing, or smashed down hard with a nice compressor and then layered in with some overheads and proper drum mics.

Nice studio btw! Is that your place? Commercial or private?

Good stuff, thanks for the upload. You get an A for effort!

Thanks man!

I agree, some face melting compression and it could be a cool mid 8/intro/outro thing, or possibly a nice addition (parallel) under the kit.

The studio is commercial, it's owned/ran by my local County Council. We run some nice gear in their. The 412 went straight into our Audient 8024 but I could of used our 1073dpa or drawmer 1960 or even our RED1. lol. not a whole bunch of amazing stuff, but enough.

They have some great engineers but they're really safe guys. I come along and throw a spanner in the works!

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