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Upgrading/rebuilding my studio

Its time to upgrade! I recently had to sell my stuff because of a financial hardship. But, thank God, now its time to rebuild. I just got an Imac. Its pretty cool.Fast prosceser and a huge hard drive. But now its time for software..
I used to work out of a roland vs-2000 (daw). Now i am looking into getting an analog board for natural sound but with firewire or usb capabilities. I want to stay digital but with some decent analog preamps. The allen and heath ZED 420 seems cool, but i do not know how "sonar" would or even IF it will work with my mac. And if it doesn't, i'm wondering if the board will work with ''logic" software. if anyone out there is open to suggestions i'm all ears. As far as budget goes, i'm trying to stay under $2000. Something simple, but flexible, and preferably something with more than only 8 inputs. Needless to say, i have some research to do lol