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i love the LA 610 and laugh at people who bash universal audio.
I sometimes wonder if some of these people have actually used this stuff when they comment .Not everyone, and I know this is all a matter of taste but man am I glad I take the time to try gear out for myself before signing off on the negative comments - and I read a lot of them about the 610

I had about an hour and a half with a 2-610 yesterday along with a TG2. The TG2 was recommended to us because it`s supposed to be incredible on DI keys (of which we do a lot of) so we wanted to try it out. When we picked it up, there was a used 2-610 in the shop, so we thought we`d try it out.

Started with the TG2 on electric piano and the UA with an SM7. As billed, the TG2 really floored us on the e piano. It just seemed to remove a lot of the digital grain, and made it sound more natural for lack of a better term. That was a quick easy test. SOLD!

The UA was a big surprise on vocals. I had `read` that it didn`t have enough headroom,was a bit dark and too fuzzy. There was more than enough gain for the SM7 without taxing it too hard and it had a nice push in the mids that worked well.With the sound fresh in our ears, I repatched the vocal into the STT-1 (TFunk, Mullard tubes) and it served as a decent AB as it was our only other tube pre, and would be considered more `high end`. The Mil was definitely more hifi. Not as heavy in the low mids, so appeared a little thinner, but it didn`t have the bump in the upper mids of the UA and what seemed like a nice smooth, gradual slope up through to the high end that just gave it a bit more reach,sheen and as mentioned, highend and hifi sound.

I then tried both the UA and TG on our C7 with some AT4051a`s and the UA was an immediate hit with the owner. It`s the first time we`ve mic`d up the piano with a tube pre and that mid bump naturally added some EQ I find I add with that piano in the 3k area . Like the Mil on vocals, it didn`t seem to extend back as far as the CS, but there`s no doubt that I can see myself using this UA on piano where we might be dealing with something more in a rock vein that needs the piano laid back a bit more.

You want dark compare a TG2 to the 610 on Vocals or piano.That might be the thickest preamp I`ve tried in our studio so far.