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I've just got a PC to run as a slave machine for sample libraries alongside my Mac. I want to transfer about 2 TB of files from my Mac disks to the ones in the PC, but the PC can't 'see' them when I connect via FW or USB.

The Mac disks are formatted Mac OS Extended and the PC is running Windows Vista Business 64bit version, if that makes any difference.

Anyone got an easy solution to this, or am I destined to spend the next 2 days feeding the PC with DVDs?......


* Just searched the forum and came across MacDrive as a possible solution. $50 is more than worth it if it works, but that's the question....... anyone run into any snags using MacDrive to read Mac disks in their PC?
MacDrive is a great program. Never had a problem with it.

Also, if you install Pro Tools (anything 7.4 or later I think) on your PC it has the option to install "HFS+ Disk Support", which is of course just a background version of MacDrive. You can even see MacDrive running in the task manager after you install.