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Old 14th November 2009
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Piano and Vocal FX for House Music - Oldschool Flavour?

Hi all

I have a classic Piano Chord Pattern, something between old NY and Chicago House, but it sounds like 2009. I'm using NI Akoustic Piano and I wonder if you have some tips, Eqing, Overdrive, Filtering to get that oldscool flavour.

I'm also using some Vocal Adlips and shouts, same here, it sounds simply too newschool. I'm using a ping pong delay and reverb on it, but I need a bit of grit.

I have the following gear:

Sherman Filterbank 1, Mutronics Mutator, Mackie 1604 (Overdrive?), Boss RX 100 Spring Reverb, Moogerfooger Delay, Phaser, RM, Behringer CC300 Analog Chorus and a lot of Plugins, Sonnox, Waves, PSP etc.

What could be a good start?

I could try it by myself, but if you already have experience, please send me your tips..