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Old 14th November 2009
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I use a couple of 2882's for live broadcast applications. Mostly not more than 12 channels.

The latency is not noticeable, I don't know how low it is but it wont be a problem.
You can set the q factor as thin ass you like, all the way down to 0.01 so thats good to.

If you get yourself familiar with the mixer you can access everything fairly quick but it takes some time getting used to this way of working. It's a different flow than analog outboard.

For me the only downside of the 2882 in live situations is the mic gain. If you turn up the gain while there's audio running through you hear glitches. This won't happen if you type in the gain amount. I use some outboard pres with gain knobs for this in some applications.

Sound quality is just awesome and it's solid as a rock, very reliable.