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Shure KSM313 (Naked Eye Roswellite) Audio Samples

Hi everyone,
I was reading the recent discussion on the new Shure ribbons, and being the owner of one of the older Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye Roswellites thought I could make some quick samples on guitar and post them for you guys.

The KSM313 is supposedly identical to the C&T, I can't verify this. But at the very least the two mics should be VERY similar. I'm really only doing this because i think it's a fantastic microphone.

The channel strip is a Great River ME1-NV into a PBC-6A compressor. Guitar is a Telecaster into a Tubescreamer into a 70's Fender Super Reverb. There are 2 DIFFERENT recordings - the Roswellite, and then a 57 in the exact same position (probably the best point of reference for comparison). I tried to play the same sort of thing twice.

Oh and lets leave the quality of my guitar playing out of this discussion :D.
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