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Don't think you can get both a great sound and very focused pickup unfortunately. You probably know what a shot-gun microphone sounds like, there will always be a compromise. From what you are saying, a dynamic might not give you enough 'air'. If the acoustics are not perfect, the smoothness of the polar pattern becomes more important than the width, in other words if the microphone sounds ugly off axis it will not help.

Also, to me it seems like the voice of a singer is not a point source, so a wider, detailed pick-up is usually better. Having said that, using a rectangular capsule in one of my new mikes, and it rejects sounds from above and below a bit like a ribbon does, so it helps with low ceilings and such.

Sounds like it would be worth a little work on soundproofing and then just go for the best mic for her voice. It'll be worth it. Good luck on your quest!