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Cherokee Update

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Did they sell the building? Did Bruce ever get that label started. Sorry if you don't work there, but I have been wondering about these things.
For those of you possibly interested in any of these old questions - here is the scoop:

In Aug. 2007, as many of you know, the Robbs left the building permanently. It still sat for another 6 mos. or so empty while the developers who had purchased it waited for approvals to begin demo. In early 2008, it was taken down - every last brick...

Bruce Robb stayed involved with the developers to help encourage them to design a space that would still connect to the music community -- that is still a story unfolding. In the meantime, he had already started his label and a small production company in his final years at Cherokee -- which he has continued to work with in the last 2 years.

The label has the latest release from Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise called "Out of the Wilderness" out and the production co. completed over 30 original songs for an Amy Smart movie out on DVD now.

During this phase, Bruce continued to look for space and opportunities to park all that great vintage gear that awaits a new home. In the meantime, you can usually find him at his office in Hancock Park in the Larchmont Village.

He has no intention of leaving the music business any time soon...