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Old 14th November 2009
Gear Maniac

Congrats! I envy you and your DIY attitude.

I once converted a garage the exact same size, and one thing I did which really helped was I changed the shape of two of the inner walls using sheetrock. This kept it from having any parallel surfaces side to side. Very simple and not a ton of $ either.

All you need to do it start 12" away from the wall at one end, and then bring the sheetrock at an angle to the center of that wall exactly 10' in...and then run another piece from that point back out to 12" away from the other end. You end up with a very wide V shaped wall. And then you do it to the wall right next to it--bingo, now none of the walls are parallel.

It was amazing how much an inexpensive and simple trick like the above deflected the standing waves that usually plague square rooms.

Good luck!