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-1 for the sub - get a proper pair of full range monitors. I'm a huuge fan of Adam's speakers in general - but I'm also convinced I need to give Focal and Barefoot a listen at some point. K&H also make some great monitors, although I prefer the options from Adam personally. The KRKs are good for the price though...

I wouldn't go for the Project Mix either - prosumer nonsense IMO. Get a good 'box with plugs on it' (RME/Metric Halo) so you know you're paying for good converters and reliability, as opposed to the marketing/feature-set which most of these 'multiple things in one box' solutions seem to orientate around.

If you want something with moving faders, get a box with moving faders - your interface should be kept separate IMO. A Mackie control or something from Euphonix + a good interface will give you far more bang for your buck. It'll cost you more, but that's because it's proper gear.

Just my 2c. I quite like your collection of synths/bleepy things...