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Old 14th November 2009
My Garage Conversion Almost Done!

My garage is 20x20x8 at the moment.

A few weeks ago I had my a/c split off to the garage to take care of the heating/cooling situation.

We pulled off all of the sheetrock and stuffed it with some nice insulation and sealed off my garage door.

Tomorrow morning we begin construction on the wall thats going to cover my garage door, for aesthetics and to minimize the amount of bleed into the public. I don't want to disturb the neighbors TOO much! haha

Sunday I am going to finish painting the thing and also buy some nice throw rugs.

Monday I am visiting my local place to pick up a **** ton of 703 and place my order with GIK for some diffusion. I'll be building my absorbers, which will be fun!

Im going to have a 4x6 absorber hanging over the drum area and several more 2x4 absorbers hanging for the room as well. Im going to be building some 6inch thick bass traps for the corners and some nice panels for the walls!

I will be routing my snake from my control room into the garage through the attic.

Im going to be also installing some nice track lighting.

Will definitly be a fun weekend!

Any advice or critiques let me know!

Here are some pics:

Dead Room Recording Studio's ALL NEW Dead Room Recording Studio! Photo Album - MySpace Photos

(EDIT: it wouldn't let me post photos but they are uploaded to the myspace if anyone is bored enough to check it out)