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You have several choices here. One would be to get a condenser mic with a hyper cardoid pattern option. There are many of those, the Neumann M149 and TLM 170 come to mind. The AKG 414 has a hyper cardoid pattern as well.

Your other option in avoiding background noise leaking into your vocal mic would be to get an EV RE-20 which is a condenser like dymanic mic. That mic does an excellent job of rejecting background noise on a vocal track. I will often use the RE-20 for vocals when someone wants to play the piano at the same time and keep as much of the piano out of the vocal mic as possible. Just not being a condenser helps the RE-20 reject outside traffic noises etc. that would be picked up by a condenser mic. The Shure Sm7b and the Sennheiser 441 will also work at this but I prefer the sound of the RE-20 for vocals over those mics.

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