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a DVD that last for 1,000 years

DiamonDisc Archive DVDs May Outlast Man
Start-up claims its DVDs last 1,000 years
Most DVDs have a pitiful lifespan of 2 to 5 years--certainly not enough time to make sure those family memories are stored for future generations. Start-up CranBerry LLC thinks it has a solution in its DiamonDisc, a DVD that last for 1,000 years.
The DiamonDisc, which is named after the diamond-like synthetic stone surface of the disc, holds 4.7 GB of data (2,000 pictures, 1,200 songs, 3 hours of video). Unlike standard DVDs that have a gold or silver reflective surface, the DiamonDisc has no reflective layer. According to ECMA-379 standard temperature and humidity testing (a test method for measuring the life of optical media), the unique qualities of the disc can withstand heat up to 176 F, deal with ultraviolet rays, and hold up to material deterioration.
It all sounds like a great way to reduce DVD waste, but few people will want to shell out the cash for the DiamonDisc--it costs $34.95 for a single disc and $149.75 for a five-pack. CranBerry does all the disc-burning itself, but the company's $4,995 burner is also on sale for data junkies. Once burned, however, the discs can play on any standard DVD player.
So who might have a use for the DiamonDisc? The government, of course. For archival purposes, a 1,000-year guarantee can't be beat.