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I can't see why we have to argue about this!

We're all intelligent folk here - we are more than capable of weighing up the pros and cons of which Mac to buy.

For some of us the current Mini makes a lot of sense for many reasons, some of which I have explained here although its seems you haven't read those bits.

Why are you trying to talk down to us like we are idiots?

This thread isn't even a 'what Mac to buy' thread - it's for folks who have a Mini and want to post their experiences. How exactly are you contributing to that discussion?
Your'e right no need to argue, fact people are still making music with dual G5s.

Fact ALL of the Core2Duo machines have more processing power than the last dual G5s released.

I'm using an ancient by today's standard Core Duo machine, no problem with sessions of 32-48 tracks, cpu meters rarely exceed 35%.

I will eventually stick a core2duo inside, but it's not a pressing need.