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824 owner here, the mackie's really suffer in the mids... I'm always having to compensate, and double check mixes.
If I was going to complain about mine (the mkII type), I guess that might be it. I think that they are quite flat, as Ethan's measurements would indicate. But I think that this will then lead towards a lower mid-range that will end up sounding forward on many other systems. At least that's been my experience so far.

Male (my) vocals, in the 'power' area down in the lower mid-range, will often be more forward on other speakers, so that what sounds like an approriate vocal level in the studio is too forward elsewhere. So I have to try to keep stuff in that range a little lighter than I'd otherwise feel is optimal. Comparing on headphones whlie mixing helps, since my Sony headphones are fairly heavy in that same area, so it helps to get a compromise.

Folks who say they are tubby in the low end (compared to something with less low end response) I think will often be folks without well treated rooms. Any speaker that reproduces more low end will sound worse in an untreated room, because it's not helping cover up the low end room response issues.