thread: FAVORITE EQs
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Old 6th May 2003
Massive Passive and GML8200.

I think 95% of the vocals I mix these days see the Massive Passive as the first thing of the converter before it gets sent on its way.

I like it also on the stereo mix when mixing in PT.

The GML8200 has changed a lot for me since i started mixing exclusively in PT. In the old days I loved it on vocals that were tracked to 2 inch. Also on the mix buss of an SSL console.

Nowadays in the days of digital, it comes across as a little peaky. So I use it for that strength...on drums. Kicks and snares mostly.

I was using it for a while as a vocal "finisher" but the peakiness has worn me out a touch.

I have been using the digital version(Oxford/GML option) though for this with nice results. Its not as "peaky" as the original, sort like a GML lite.

I wanted to nominate the 1073/1081, but i am sure someone else will.