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Old 13th November 2009
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Memory Problems with Trillian and Logic 9.1

I am running Trillian on a 3Ghz Dual Quadcore Macbook Pro under Snow Leopard and Logic 9.1 and I am unable to load even one instance of Trillian's sampled basses without getting an out of memory message (I have 4 gigs of RAM in my machine). Lite versions and synth patches will load (only after several warning alerts), but if I try to use Trillian multi-timbrally and load more than one instance of a sampled instrument Logic will quit with an out of memory alert. This happens even with my buffer set to 1024. I can run Omnisphere multi-timbrally without any problems, and Spectrasonics tech support has been of no help whatsoever. Anyone have any ideas?