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MIO Console for Live-Mixing ?

I wonder if this will work for example for small live gigs.
I think of a setup like this:
2 or maybe 3 2882s togheter with a MacBookPro and a Euphonix Mix & Control. Because I red on the euphonix-page that the MIO is using the Eucon-protocol. How big is the latency while using the MIO Console with plugins for a livemix? I just hav ein mind that there was a really really low latency, and wasn´t it also a constant latency? Has somebody here tested a setup like this? How workable is it really in a live sitaution, when you need quick access of some things like mic-gain, eq, compressor etc. And what about the Q-factor of the "cannel-strip" eq. Is it even thin enough for killing some frequencies on a monitor-path?
Or is somebody here just using the 2882 unit incl. MIO Console for insert fx on an analog console, instead of a rack?