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ldc vox mic w/ tight cardiod pattern

i'm hoping someone could suggest an ldc mic with a tighter than normal cardioid pattern. ideally, i'm looking for a more c12 or 251 flavored mic to compliment my main vocal mic (for recording female vox); a neumann tlm49. the tlm49 has a very tight cardioid pattern, which has worked great in my less than perfect room (the acoustics are pretty good actually, but noises from the outside like birds in the springtime and boom cars can sometimes creep in). on the other hand, i've used others with wider cardioid responses that picked up too much extraneous sounds. so i'm trying to avoid spending a lot of money on what's otherwise a great mic, but won't work out well for my application needs.

one of the few that i've seen advertised that directly claims to be tight is the lauten horizon, which i've never heard before. i'm opened minded to tube or solid state, expensive or not expensive; whatever you think is a great vocal mic that's got a tight response, i'm interested in hearing about it.