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Passive EQ

While I do respect the GML for it's surgical abilities, it really can't touch the Massive Passive for musicality. I try to use it blindfolded most of the time because even extreme settings are cool. My favorite tool is the LPF set at 7,5khz or 9. This will make any vocal warm and retain a bit of brightness. (the rez is hmmmm).
Another nice one is cut shelving the low end at 100hz or 80 and overshooting the Q so that you lose the mud but not the low end. I have had good results with the Avalon 2055 which is smooth. The neve 1081 and the API are cool. But none touch the massive. It's the kind of eq where it's hard to be completely wrong. It's so easy to get results fast that I try to track with it when necessary and get it on tape right. I try and challenge myself to see if I won't need any eq in the mix.
Not so easy but with the passive you can nail the bass and kick right from the word REC and everyone's happy. The Eq on the 9k is better than good also.