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Just to put the MA200 into perspective, you can put it up against a neumann u87 and have an extremely hard time telling them apart at first. Often times I went with the Mojave in a blind test for male vocals. That's why I love this mic so much.

I'm also working on getting a pr-40, but i can't really recommend it on vocals because I've never heard it on vox, however reviews put it in the same category as re-20's and sm7b's. They claim that its more articulate and extends further into the low end. I've heard the pr-30 and several sources (guitar, vocals, even snare) and it sounded awesome. I can say that the PR-40 is my #1 go to mic for kick drum live from here on out. EASILY. I'm going to be testing this out in the studio as soon as I get one myself.