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Stephen Sank Modded Roland 2480

Thought perhaps *some* of you guyz might find this interesting:

Stephen Sank UPGRADED Roland 2480

The MOD:

* All preamps/ line amps Burr-Brown throughout unit
* Major shielding added through the unit for ultra quiet pres
* All signal path caps replaced for maximum power storage for audio and reliability
* All other caps replaced for long term reliability
* All outputs (line, headphone, channel outs) upgraded to Analog Devices & Burr Brown
* A/D and D/A converters upgraded
* Great for low-output Ribbon mics directly in the board
I called "Fen" yesterday at Pro Audio Heaven and spoke to him extensively about the various mods that were done. Nice guy to talk to, extremely helpful.

Here's both their numbers and email address if any of you guyz want to pursue this further:

Pro Audio Heaven: ask to speak with "FEN"

(888) 321-6427
(520) 829-3108

[email protected]