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Old 13th November 2009
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Sample Rate Sound Off 2009!

Had a session recently that I figured would fall under the PTHD 192k track count so I though I would give it a try. Normally not a fan of downsampling during a bounce, and find it to be kind of an unnecessary extra step. 44.1 is our standard 90% of the time, just wanted to give it a try.
I must say, it sounded pretty great. Overall a well rounded clean sound. I felt like I was actually hearing a broader frequency range. It sorta reminded me of tape without the hiss.(is that blasphemous?) Granted the music lent itself to 192/24 being a high production contemporary R&B track. Regardless of the redbook slam that this project will inevitably endure, it was a pleasant tracking session. Enjoyed it almost as much as tape... almost. Well, back to 44.1 we go.

SO... career engineers, where do most of your sessions live?

Is it project dependent, or do you stick to a constant?

And what's your thoughts on the downsample that must be?