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Old 13th November 2009
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888/24 and Delay compensation

There's probably a rule about mentioning the 888's in the high end forum. :-)

I have an old 888/24 laying around and was thinking of hooking it up to the legacy port of a 192 I/O. Does anyone know if I will run into any delay compensation problems using the 888/24? I wasn't sure if delay compensation required the 192 to do its job in regards to the I/O.

IS all the delay compensation done internally and the interface not effected? Or is it internally done and knows how to compensate for the 888/24s as well as the 192s?

Was hoping to use it for some inserts on outboard gear that is run in parallel on an Aux (as opposed to a regular insert on an Audio channel).

Anyways, any advice is appreciated.