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Here's my opinion and experience:

- Excellently built products, reliable, sound great.
- Great customer service (Once I needed new bulbs for an 6176, they sent them right away and free of charge!)

- Overpriced: Great products, but I think you can get better stuff for the money. I sold two 6176's and don't look back.
- Overhyped: Starting with UA themselves, they're known for slightly over-the-top claims about their stuff. Buy the Harrision EQ and you will sound like Bruce and Michael Jackson. Well.. they don't say that, but they want you to think that. When have you heard Geoff Tanner, Fred Forssell, Dave Hill, D W Fearn, etc..say anything but humble technical comments on their products?

I think the Purple MC77 is night and day better than their 1176. And it's cheaper mind you.
I used to love and worship the 610 preamps for years.. until I got other stuff to compare. Sold the UA straight away. They would be wonderful pres if they cost $400.
I do prefer smaller companies that listen to customers, I love gear designers that join us here and seem like they share the same passion.

I think UA's video and audio demos are sonically UNinspiring, usually quite terrible and amateur sounding. That to me is NOT a good sign.

On the positive side, hats off to them for the UAD stuff. Very useful.