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Old 12th November 2009
M powered what? 7.4.2, 8?

What interface?

Western digital...I meant internal, USB or FW? It doesn't really matter what make the drive is, only how it's connected and what chipset.

Logic isn't using your PT interface at all. In fact, I'd wager the "actual" error message is something along the lines of "the previously selected hardware can not be found, the built in audio device will be used for this session" - can't remember the exact wording.

have you tried the obvious, like trying a different connection cable to the interface, checking it can be seen in system profiler and/or audiomidi setup (if not there's a hardware problem, either with the cable or with the interface itself), re-installing the coreaudio driver for the interface, reinstalling PT? tried recording onto a different drive in PT?

All basic troubleshooting to narrow down where the problem actually lies.