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Old 12th November 2009
I'm in the same boat and have been wondering the same thing. A longtime-engineer friend of mine came over with his band and his drummer's Firepod to record in my space and he brought along an API 3124 that he was renting. He just turned the inputs on the Firepod all the way down and used it as a converter, and used the API as the pres. Granted, there was no A/B comparison b/n this setup and a line-input setup, so who knows how much better it would be if the Firepod wasn't involved, but the end result was a fantastic sounding EP. And it was WORLDS better than just recording on the Firepod.

So, I've been thinking of doing the same thing with my MOTU 8 Pre, but I don't have a quality pre to test with. It does feel a bit like shooting yourself in the foot putting unnecessary things into the signal path, but ultimately, it comes down to whether you can make good recordings with what you've got, and that route definitely worked for that project.