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Hi - it is typical for amps to protect themselves thermally...As far as the sub and supersonics, the speakers may not have sensitivity to those freqs, but the amp may. Swap L & R inputs to determine if it's amp or the source. The temp sensor may indeed be out of spec, and you can swap those around as part of your troubleshooting. It's also possible that one of the output devices is failing, either pulling too much current, or putting a bigger workload on the others - a cautious finger may tell you if that's the case.
If a wholesale swap of the output sections is possible, that could reveal quite a bit. Don't worry about pulling the drivers - it's not necessary or desirable to torque them down very tightly - evenly in a crossing pattern, but not overtight, as you may distort the basket. The port presents such a low impedance path compared to the seal that it not a concern. Most home improvement stores carry non-hardening press in place caulk rope or foam weatherseal products if you want to get slutty. Also wouldn't use a thread lock, as (assuming) pressboard won't tolerate it. If you do blow out a hole, be sure to seal all others with caulk before rotating, and drill a pilot hole that removes everything but the height of the threads first. Good practice to rotate your drivers 180 every so often to counteract the sag that gravity puts on them. Cheers! JR