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Here for the gear

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I had a tweeter just stop working on one of mine after 10 years - the light still worked and the woofer, but no high end.

I just replaced them when I couldn't get a new pair - they actually have a very big dip in the upper mid-range which you dont realize until you compare them to a more evenly voiced speaker. I loved the way they sounded, but you might want to use this as a chance to upgrade to something more accurate. (I have krk vxt8's now which have much better freq response, but less of a sense of depth than the 20/20's - a better trade of for mixing IMO)

Using the one that still works for a little echo chamber.
i know i've got a lot to learn about mixing, but i so far have gotten mixes that fool my ear at least. i seem to get the best mixes i know how to get with my experience, in my room, with my materials. I've decided on either a pair of Event Opals, or if i can't find a place to hear them nearby, i will go with Mackie HR824 mkII (are those 'unholy' to mix on?) -- i'm going to have to relearn my room ('9x9') yikes.

bass is very important to me, so i appreciate monitors than can reproduce the loudness necessary -- still looking for accuracy tho. When i write, i turn on a Mirage BP400 sub, because i need to know what the subs are doing to the little hairs on the body, to the t-shirt and jeans, the hair, and the skin... i mix with the sub OFF - and with monitors at various levels -- even checking balance with speakz turned down very low

end justifies the means i say (mostly)