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I'd venture to guess that the monitor amp is protecting itself via a thermal sensor - look for it on a heatsink, and then try and determine if it's an overheating problem by pointing a fan at the heatsink. If the unit stays operational, figure out which transistor(s) is/are overheating, and why - is there an inaudible parasitic signal on that particular channel, or does your amp need a tune-up? Put a short on the input of the amp and see if it still goes into protect...Cheers! JR
ripple_fx1, thanks for the reply. i actually bought a fan last year (like a little 6" one) that i have positioned to blow at a glancing upward angle across the back of the speaker/amp... seems to help a little. It doesn't feel any hotter than the other speaker/amp. would this be something that's potentially fixable? maybe a miscalibrated or too-sensitive temp-sensor? if i touch the woofer cone when the speaker is idle, i feel no movement whatsoever. if there were a subsonic signal, wouldn't i theoretically feel it trembling? and if the parasitic signal were above hearing, wouldn't it be filtered out by the crossover? Is it normal to thermally protect the power-supply section?

Also, part of the reason i have avoided disassembling it, was i was sort of worried about whether i'd be able to get it reassembled as snugly/tightly/sturdy as original factory seal... think that could be a cause for alarm? when re-assembling, is it smartest to try to follow old thread cuts? or to try to start new threads? i'm in the habit of following original threads, but if that would cause a potential for loosening up after vibrating for a while, i'd be tempted to cut the threads 90º off just to try to get a tight vibration-resistant seating of the screws. or is there something that can be applied to the threads the would be a removable/temporary "thread-lock" for those materials?

If i pass no program material through it (not the same as shorting the input - i know) i don't think it ever quits... which i though was weird because i figured that at least with some music flowing through there, the port vents would help mix/disburse the heated air near the internal components.