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Old 12th November 2009
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Wind Ensemble first try.

Hello folks. I'm rather new to recording with any semblance of the appropriate gear.

I was commissioned to record a local college symphonic band by a relative, due to my ability to make the best of what I have available.

I feel like I could have done better, but I was limited by the setup of the ensemble and my access to equipment.

My goal was to setup a decca tree, but the only mics I had access to were 3 Neumann KM84's. The conductor was literally on the edge of the stage and the mike stands I had available only went up about 7 or 8 ft. I ended up setting the 3 mics up around the conductor. One to each of his sides just out of his arm span and one in front of him, again just outside of his reach.

I also setup my pro-sumer video camera in the balcony as A. backup, and B. room mic.

What you hear is mainly the 3 Neumanns with a little bit of the camera mic mixed in for some ambiance, as well as a touch of reverb on the 3 stage mics.

I am trying to acquire some omni pattern mics and taller stands for the next concert. But for now anyone have any suggestions for my current mix? I know there is some really weird compartmentalization going on due to the closer cardioid mics, and possibly some phasing issues. I also do not have any studio monitors to mix on. I'm using head phones and checking on various speakers.