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Buy an i7 iMac it will crush a Mac Mini (which really is made out of laptop parts)
Using a laptop for serious recording is like using a pedal bike to take your family on vacation.
well i just made the best album of my 20 year recording career on a non-serious computer then, my 2006 1.66 ghz duo core mini. i could afford to upgrade to a mac pro, but i'm leaning heavily towers a new mini. i'd rather invest more in hardware because that's what you have to show for over time. computers become obsolete rather quickly but i'm still using guitars, reverbs, and compressors that i've had for decades. plus, when this new mini becomes obsolete in 3 years, i'll just upgrade again to their next one, which is not quite as painful as dropping $2.5 to $3.5 on a mac pro each time.

so with the money saved by not getting a mac pro, i'll most likely be getting some a-1 mic pres and a chandler or bac 500 compressor to improve and diversify my front end chain, which i think is the most important factor in making nice recordings.

the 27" imacs are tempting though because when you upgrade later in the future, you may still be able use it for the monitor now that they have video inputs.