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Old 6th May 2003
My Favorites

My favorite EQs, much like my other favorite gear, are pretty standard "go to" pieces. I have a GML 8200 that is amazing. I have a 1073 that is amazing. I am hope to soon have some API 550b eq's. I have used all three extensively over the years and love them all.

The GML is great because I can carve up a signal and it won't sound bad. Even a 15 dB boost (which I don't do very often) will sound good. I use this eq on kick drum, bass guitar, and vocals all the time. I've actually done records where this was the only eq I used. This eq really shines when used in 1 to 2 dB increments. A little boost at 16Khz with a shelf on vocals. A little boost at 800 Hz on bass guitar. This eq is so versatile it's sick.

The 1073 doesn't have nearly the flexibility of the GML but that's what I like about it. I don't have to over think what I'm doing. I grab a knob and crank it. If it sounds good then it is good. It's really easy to get good sounds out of a 1073. Drums, guitar, vocals, piano.

The API is great for little touches as well. I like this eq for the same reasons as the 1073. Some 500 Hz for guitar, some 12Khz for overheads. Easy to use and sounds great. Drums, aggressive guitars, anything that needs a lot of punch.

Those are my choices and my two cents.