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I haven't been playing guitar in a while as I was on honeymoon. I have a gig tonight which requires a bunch of work with one note and a drone string. the b string is eating into my skin as my callus has faded slightly and kills. it is affecting my movement into and out of the notes.

I don't want to do anything drastic, but is there anything you shredders do out there? I've heard of super glue but am really hesitant about trying this. it's my fretting hand obviously.

I'll probably suck it up but if anybody has any suggestions I'm all ears.

The best thing is just building up your callus... but you obviuosly don't have time for that.

I would say go down to the drug store and get some "Skin numbing cream" and rub it into your finger tips right before you hit the stage.

Do that and deal with the pain later.....playing is going to hurt either way but atleast you will be able to preform well for your show.