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Sure, you'll find bozos telling you stuff like always set the widgetizer to -23 dB with an input slope of blah blah blah... but there are no always's in recording.
Widgetizer... I love it... Seriously though.... reverb is one of the funnest things because you can just throw one on and experiment....
A lot of people can't hear small eq changes... and Compressors can get so frustrating and can hurt your music so much if done wrong that many people pull out hairs over comp settings.... But reverb is something you can hear... you can feel.... so just throw one on and you can hear what a plate vs a room sound like... and if predelay on a vocal will work... and reverb tails... diffusion... all of that you can hear a difference when tweaked... then if you need comparison... throw on a commercial song similar to the vibe and feel of your song and compare